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Chatbot Base License 

This provides a one-time, perpetual license for the base technology that powers your chatbot, and the preparation of your chatbot to run on Facebook Messenger. This provides your chatbot with the core technology that allows it to understand your business-specific knowledge, answer questions related to your business, deal with language characteristics such as someone speaking in Singlish. As a complete solution, it also allows you to deploy your chatbot across various messaging platforms while maintaining a single source of control over your chatbot. Finally, it also provides the advanced data logging facilities to ensure that all data that the chatbot gains from your users, from their profile information, to the conversations they have, are stored, for later analysis, as well as audit purposes.

Add-on modules

Your chatbot base license the preparation of your chatbot to run on Facebook Messenger, which is one of the most common and effective platforms for a chatbot. However, with our base chatbot technology, your chatbot can be prepared to run on multiple platforms, including Slack, Telegram, WeChat, and even embedded in your website, web applications and mobile applications.


Your chatbot will be able to set up an appointment for you, with your user, in a natural manner. For instance, the chatbot will ask your user whether she is free this week or next, before suggesting several available days, and finally confirming the time slot of the apoointment. Your chatbot will integrate with your calendaring system, such as Google Calendar, to ensure that the appointment is set up at a slot that you are available, and which also allows you to see your schedule at a glance. Users can also interact with your chatbot to cancel, or change, their appoinments. Finally, your chatbot will remind your users of any upcoming appointments, say, 1 day and 1 hour before the appointment itself.


Your chatbot can integrate with any system that you already use, or are intending to use, as long as the system has an API. Examples of such systems would be CRMs like Salesforce, accounting software like Xero, maps like Google Maps, or email and calendar systems like Google Mail, Google Calendar, Outlook and Outlook Calendar. Your proprietary backends can also be integrated with. These integrations allow your chatbot to access information when conversing with your users, for example showing how much stock you have left, or perform actions automatically like booking an appointment and creating a calendar event.

Sentiment analysis

Your chatbot is able to understand the emotional state of the user it is talking to, discerning between a happy, neutral, and upset user in varying degrees. Your chatbot will be able to compute the overall tone of the entire conversation, as well as the tone and emotional state of each individual message, giving you unparalleled insight into what your users are feeling.


Your conversation data with your users contains a wealth of information. If your chatbot is deployed on Facebook, you have even more information in the form of your user’s Facebook profile information. These information can be stored and analyzed to yield insights into your business and users.


Re-engagement allows that chatbot to automatically send messages to your users. For instance, you can have the chatbot send informational news articles ad-hoc, or automatically say hello after 2 weeks if your user has not interacted with the chatbot since. Many variants are possible to suit your needs.

Quotation generation

Based on information gathered during a conversation, the chatbot can automatically generate a quotation, in the form of a document such as PDF, and send it directly to your user. The chatbot can optionally follow-up, asking the user to endorse the quotation, or handle further questions.

Character and personalization

Branding is an important part of your business identity, and your chatbot should carry your brand in every conversation that it has with your users. If yours is a serious, professional business, the chatbot will engage your users in a professional, no-nonsense manner. If your business is fun, casual or even whimsical, your chatbot will also carry such a personality, such as providing witty responses.