Bicycle Glass Review | One Stop Store to Buy Lunar Collection

Bicycle Glass Review | One Stop Store to Buy Lunar Collection

Bicycle Glass is a lighting company that makes high-quality and durable glass that will always stand the test of time. Consequently, it believes that each light should be beautiful, functional, sustainable, and economical as possible. Additionally, each light is made by hand, one at a time, from 100% recycled glass by exceptionally skilled artisans in the US and in a workshop that is increasingly powered by renewable energies.

Bicycle Glass Review | One Stop Store to Buy Lunar Collection

March 25, 2019

Bicycle Glass is a lighting company that makes high-quality and durable glass that will always stand the test of time. Consequently, it believes that each light should be beautiful, functional, sustainable, and economical as possible. Additionally, each light is made by hand, one at a time, from 100% recycled glass by exceptionally skilled artisans in the US and in a workshop that is increasingly powered by renewable energies.

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What Makes Bicycle Glass Special?

All Bicycle Glass light products are sustainably made using 100% locally recycled glass to make up the pendant lights. Additionally, the pendant lights are designed with you in mind and are ordained to be beautiful in your space.

Secondly, Bicycle Glass pendant light is of unique and of the highest quality to make them look beautiful in your home. Moreover, they provide you with a perfect light fixture that is surprisingly pleasant. wide range of high quality LED bulbs for cars then click here Car lighting District.

Lastly, this Company has awesome customer services and they always deliver superior products! In addition, they also offer Bicycle coupon code and Bicycle Glass discount codes that make their products absolutely affordable.

Bicycle Glass Products

Pendant Lights

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Bicycle Glass offers a wide collection of single pendant lights that can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Moreover, each pendant light is hand made by a great team of dedicated artisans, who designs the pendant light from locally sources recycled glass. Bicycle Glass Pendant lights are in line voltage and are designed to be hardwired into a standard junction box.


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At Bicycle Glass, you will find many unique chandeliers options. Each of their pendant light styles can be made into a beautiful chandelier. However, the Company currently offers a linear 3 pendant chandelier as well as a three pendant round cascade chandelier. Other Chandelier options include 2 pendant linear chandeliers and 4 pendant linear chandeliers. They also offer a customization option for the chandelier that suits your needs.

Sconce Pendant Lights

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Bicycle Glass offers a wide variety of sconce pendant lights that are suitable for residential and commercial applications. Each sconce is hand made by a team of dedicated and professional artisans in Saint Paul, MN.

 Moreover, all the Sconce are made with locally sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled glass that is hand blown using age-old techniques.

Bulbs and Hardware

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At Bicycle Glass, you will find all your hardware needs, such as bulbs and spare parts. Given that some situations require special attention. At Bicycle Grass is the place to come for extra cord length, special hardware for hanging pendants on sloped ceilings and in case you have recessed lighting fixture that you would like to convert to a pendant light easily.

Pros and Cons of Bicycle Glass


  • Bicycle Glass is a Light Company that is committed to providing you with quality, durable, and sustainable pendants.
  • All products are sold at an affordable price. Moreover, the Company also offers Bicycle Grass coupon and Bicycle Glass discount codes that make them even cheaper.
  • The Company is committed to giving their customers the best customer services to ensure they get nothing less but the best.
  • Bicycle Glass has a wide range of pendant you to select exactly what you need.


  • Some of the products are technical and you might be forced to incur an extra cost of installing them.
  • Their return policy is a little bit strict and complicated.

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Final Thought

In belief, Bicycle Grass is committed to providing you with quality and durable pendants. Therefore, it can be highly recommended, since it will provide you with the best pendants and in a wide range for you to choose from. More importantly, the Company provides you with Bicycle Grass coupon code and Bicycle Glass discount code that make their products more affordable.

Lisa Armstrong saves the day as she offers to do bride’s makeup after original artist ‘messes her about’

Lisa Armstrong to the rescue! The talented make-up artist has offered to do one bride’s makeup after she was ‘messed about’ by her original makeup artist. Just goes to show not all heroes wear capes, you know – some come with foundation brush in hand. Bethany Turner took to Twitter on Saturday to ask the Strictly Come Dancing head of makeup whether she could work her magic for her bridal look. She posted to social media an innocent request as she said: ‘@lisaAmakeup fancy doing my bridal make up in Essex? The woman who was due to it has messed me about.’

It is a sweet ask and she probably didn’t expect the BBC artist – who split with husband Ant McPartlin last year – to respond to her plea and, better yet, be keen and free for the task. ‘When is it hun’, Lisa asked, before discovering it was in under a fortnight, on 28 August. Bethany revealed she was going to do her makeup herself, but 41-year-old Lisa wasn’t going to let a bride do her own face – there’s enough to worry about on your wedding day, after all.

After swapping more details with the bride to be, including the number of other faces needing makeup (three sisters, if you were curious), it all seemed to be a done deal as Lisa then told the probably much-less-stressed bride she would sort the rest out away from her followers in a private message

‘Ok sorted me and my assistant will be there,’ she said. ‘I’ll DM you now for details #cantletthebridedown x.’ Bethany, seemingly beside herself at the news, replied to Lisa: ‘That’s so amazing! Thank you so much. More excited about having my makeup done that getting married!!!!’ Doesn’t this just give you all the sweet feels? It’s not every day an award winning best makeup artist volunteers to do your wedding. It comes after Lisa was reunited with her beloved dog, Hurley, after a lengthy trip to the US where she basically lived her best life for a few weeks. After their jaunt in London together, Lisa posted to social media a snap of her with her pooch as they chilled out.

Kylie Jenner looks flawless as she plugs sister Kim Kardashian’s new wedding makeup collection… after launching her own Kylie Skin line

Kylie Jenner took to social media on Wednesday evening to plug her sister Kim Kardashian’s new bridal makeup line.

The 21-year-old mogul looked flawless as she brushed away in front of the camera while in a monogram robe.

This comes after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star looked glamorous in light pink at the launch of her new skin care line Kylie Skin.

Jenner was at her Hidden Hills, California mansion as her Barbie photos could be seen in the background.

The mother to Stormi had on a white robe with a grey K on the front and her hair was down, slightly wet.

She had on beige sparkling eye shadow with just the right amount of mascara, nicely penciled in eyebrows and a matte pink lipstick.

She seemed to be adding powder.

Jenner also showed off very long light pink nails that looked super glam, though maybe not the easiest to wear with a toddler at home.

At the end, she put her hand under her chin and gave a wide-eyed look to the camera.

The whole time she gushed about how wonderful Kim’s products were.  

Kim has the Mrs West Collection from KKW Beauty; it is being launched to coincide with her May 24 wedding anniversary to rapper Kanye West.

This comes after Jenner gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of her outstanding launch party/

She posted clips and photos of the event to Instagram on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old cosmetics billionaire posted a short video of a bathroom photo shoot featuring her sisters Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, as well as her mother Kris Jenner.

The brief clip showed the Kardashian–Jenner clan, minus Kylie’s sister Kendall, as they lounged about in an all-pink bathroom.

The set was filled with floating soap bubbles, and Kylie reclined seductively in the bath tub. 

Kylie was dressed in the same pale pink strapless mini-dress with peekaboo sides that she wore earlier in the evening. 

Khloé played with her long hair and Kourtney pretended to chat on the phone in the playful photo set. 

As the camera panned, it showed Kim struggling to hold herself up on the fluffy pink stool.

The skincare launch party featured a giant glass window with advertisements for Kylie Skin done up to look like a magazine cover.

She shared photos of herself, as well as her mother and sisters, posing behind the transparent filter.

Another post featured a series of snaps of the immaculately planned pink extravaganza, which was designed by Mindy Weiss, the LA-based party planner who also designed the enormous Stormi World party thrown for Kylie’s daughter’s first birthday.

‘Another magical Kylie Party brought to life by @mindyweiss & team,’ she captioned the photos. ‘Thank you for always bringing my visions to life so beautifully. Last night was SO MUCH FUN! Omg the best night with the best people. Thank you God so so blessed.’

Though much of the party was painted pink, the photos revealed that the interior was done up in shades of peach and lavender before being bathed in pink light.

In addition to photos of the stylized bathroom and its retro bathtub, she showed off the ’50’s-chic tables and artistically arrayed displays of her skin products.

The event featured a rink for guests to rollerskate in, and one wall was covered in dozens of hanging pink skates.

After posting videos of ramen in Kylie Skin containers, she showcased another transformed Japanese cuisine, intricate sushi featuring purple rice.

The event also featured pizza, french fries doused in melted cheese and pink cupcakes.

The space featured diner-style booths for guests, which were decorated with steamy portraits of the host. 

Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

You’ve set the date, booked the Church and the Reception Hall, and now it’s time to select your photographer. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap that some unfortunate Bride and Grooms do by enlisting a friend or relative to take their wedding photographs. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime event that can’t be repeated, and unless the person you’ve selected to capture your special memories is photographing weddings every week, chances are pretty good they simply don’t have the expertise or equipment to do the job properly. You’ve already spent a fortune on your dress, the flowers, the banquet hall, and everything else that makes the day so special, so it simply does not make sense to not get a professional photographer to look after your photographic needs for the day. If a friend or relative offers their services to you as their photographer, and unless they have wedding photography experience, it is best to use them only as a “second photographer” on the day of the wedding. By “second photographer”, I mean a photographer that stays in the background and simply shoots candid shots throughout the day. That way you won’t be ruining a friendship if the shots don’t turn out as you had hoped. By hiring a professional, one who does wedding photography for a living, you know you’ll get great keepsakes of your wedding day. Plus, the pressure will be off your friend or relative to “deliver the goods”.

If you haven’t started looking around for a photographer at least a year in advance of your wedding day, you should do so as soon as possible. As a general rule, you should begin your search anywhere from ten to sixteen months prior to the date. Why so early? The best photographers book up early, and since they can only shoot one wedding a day, once they are booked, that day is gone.

Before visiting a photographer, it’s a good idea to sit down with your better half and decide on what you would like in the way of photographs on your wedding day.

One of the first things to consider is the style of photography. Do you prefer candid shots (completely unposed with no direction from the photographer), the more traditional photography (where the photographer controls everything from posing to lighting), the uncandid candid (where the photographer has made the pose look natural, so that it looks completely unposed, or almost candid), or a combination of all styles? It is very important that you are clear with your photographer about which style of photography that you prefer, otherwise you may be disappointed in the results. When visiting various photographers, be sure to see works from a complete wedding, rather than samples from many weddings. This will give you a good idea of the style of photography that the photographer prefers, as well as a good indication of the photographer’s talents and expertise in lighting.

The next step in your journey of selecting a photographer is to know how much you would like to spend on the photography coverage of your wedding. Questions that you should ask yourself are: How long will I need the photographer for on the day of the wedding (often times you can save money by not having the photographer stay for the full reception coverage)? Would I like one or two photographers providing coverage (a second photographer usually concentrates on candid moments alone, so if you like candid photography, you should definitely consider having a second photographer—one photographer, no matter how experienced, simply can’t be in two places at the same time)? What would I like included in my photography package in the way of prints, wall portraits, albums, thank you cards? Would I like the negatives or digital negatives (high resolution image files) so that I can do all the printing myself? In photography, as with any other product or service, you generally get what you pay for. There is usually a good reason why one photographer will charge more for what appears to basically be the same thing. There may be hidden costs involved, such as mileage, or number of hours coverage, or limits on the number of photos taken that day. One photographer may have considerably less experience and expertise in photographing weddings. Some photographers simply charge less because they take wedding photographs as a part time hobby and work full time at another unrelated job. Ask yourself, do you really want to trust your memories to someone who does not make their livelihood and stake their reputation on photographing weddings? Decide in advance how important your wedding photographs are to you, and budget accordingly. When calling photographers to make viewing appointments of their work, be sure to ask their price ranges. A reputable photographer will tell you up front their price ranges. There is no sense in wasting your time, or the photographer’s time for that matter, if their price range is beyond your budget.

When meeting with the various photographers, it is important that both you and your fiance attend. Since you both will be working with the photographer for the good part of the day, it is vitally important that you feel relaxed with the person and you both like their work. Be sure to ask about their experience in photographing weddings. Just like any line of work, it can take a wedding photographer several years of shooting weddings before they have mastered the art. Keep in mind that a photographer can only shoot one wedding a day, and since the majority of weddings take place on a Saturday, and most weddings occur over the same six month period, a photographer with a year of two of experience may have actually only shot a handful of weddings over a one or two year period. Be sure to ask them how many weddings they have photographed over the years. If you are planning to have a lot of your photographs taken indoors, ask the photographer what type of lighting they will use. A good photographer will be able to set up portable studio strobe lighting for any formal shots indoors throughout the day. On camera flash for indoor formal shots will not provide the results that you would expect when hiring a professional.

Ask if the photographer is a member of any professional photographic organizations. This can tell you right away if the photographer that you are dealing with is reputable. Most photographic organizations that professional photographers are members of will require the photographer pass a stringent test and adhere to guidelines in order to become a member. They also require that the photographer abide to a list of proper business practices. Reputable photographic organizations include the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). And don’t forget, just because a photographer may specialize in commercial or fashion photography, it does not mean that they can handle the riggers and stress of a wedding shoot. It is important that the photographer that you select is a specialist in weddings.

An experienced photographer will have backup equipment for every piece of gear that they own. This includes cameras, lenses, flashes, strobe lighting. The last thing that you want to hear on your wedding day is that there is something wrong with the camera and they don’t have another one with them!

If your photographer works with an assistant, it will save you time and energy on your wedding day. A good assistant will fix dresses, speed things up with lighting setups, and even help the Bride with her dress and flowers when moving from location to location.

If you are dealing with a large photo studio, they may have several different photographers on staff who shoot weddings. Be sure to see the work of the photographer that will be shooting your wedding and meet with that person prior to booking. You don’t want any surprises on the day of the wedding!

Depending upon the type of wedding that you are having, you may want to check on how the photographer that will be shooting your wedding will be attired. Some photographers may feel that they can shoot your wedding in shorts and a T-shirt! This might be fine for some types of weddings, but if you are planning a formal affair, do you really want your photographer dressed casually?

Unless you have a specific location in mind for wedding pictures, it is always a good idea to ask the various photographers you visit about the venues they prefer for photos. Since this location will be used as the backdrop for the majority of your photos, it is very important that you love the setting. Look at samples of the spot in the photographer’s sample book, then visit the location in person. It is an excellent idea to visit the recommended site about a year in advance of your wedding date. Why so early? The answer is simple. It will give you a good idea of how your outdoor location will look on your wedding day. You’ll see how the gardens will be planted and what flowers are out. And if you are able to visit the location on the same day of the week as your wedding will be, you’ll see how busy the venue is, especially if you visit at about the same time as you’ll be arriving for your photos. Some spots are very popular, so it might be common to see ten or more Brides and their entourages at the same location, at the same time. While some venues can accommodate large Bridal crowds, others are simply too small. If your park is crowded, you may want to consider another location for pictures.

And don’t forget about parking. While finding a parking place may not be a problem for the Bride and Groom in their chauffeur driven limo, it may pose a problem for family members, the bridal party, and even the photographer. And last but not least, be sure to get the appropriate permits for use of the park.

If your photographs are important to you, then be sure to give your photographer sufficient time throughout the day. This is one day in your life that you don’t want to be rushed. A good photographer will work with any time frame that they are given, however, the more time you are able to give the photographer, the better the results will be. Things that can easily put you behind schedule on your wedding day are: hair and best bridal makeup appointments (can put you an hour behind schedule at the start of the day), service at the Church (it will always start a little late and run a little long), a receiving line (remember, the line only moves as fast as the most talkative guest), traffic congestion and construction (when travelling from location to location), and trying to find missing relatives or members of the bridal party for photos.

Perhaps the best way to find out about the various photographers is to ask friends and acquaintances, who have recently been married, who they used. Look at their albums and proofs. If you like their photos, then get the name of the photographer who did the work. A recommendation from someone you trust is always a good starting point when looking for a photographer.

Be sure to visit several different photographers and take a good look at samples of their work. A good photographer will take an interest in your wedding and be asking you a variety of questions about your plans for the day, and offering suggestions to make your day go smoothly for you and save you time. And don’t forget to shop around. Selecting a photographer is not something you should do in a last minute rush. And remember, like any product or service, you generally get what you pay for, nothing more and nothing less!

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Making a Career Out of Personal Training – It’s About the Two “P’s”

You’ve read and heard it before: about the lack of professionalism in the personal training profession. I know, it makes your eyes roll because you view personal training as a career, not just a job, so, you’ve got your act together. But, we all know those who don’t (and give the rest of us a bad name among those who are on the outside lookin’ in). That’s why I want to talk about a cautionary — basically a “know-before-you-buy” article that appeared in the December 27, 2008 issue of Smart Money magazine. Quite a few of the points it makes were and still are on target but, since it wasn’t written by trainers, it’s missing some context, here and there.

I’ll paraphrase some of the points and then break ’em down.

1. “I’m an expert-at marketing myself as a health expert.” These are the trainers who get in the dangerous habit of trying to diagnose and/or treat medical conditions. The article goes a bit overboard on this. It contains a warning by John Buse, a representative of the American Diabetes Association that, people with diabetes who don’t exercise properly could make any vision and foot-based nerve damage they have worse-to the point of causing blindness or requiring amputation.

Now, if you’re competent and responsible, you’re not going to act as though you have a medical degree. Yes, you need to specialize, but that doesn’t always mean you need to take on clients with tricky health conditions. In fact, having a specialty means you should focus on it and turn down the cases that you’re not qualified to handle. If you decide to train a client whose physical condition you don’t completely understand, get his/her doctor involved. But, you shouldn’t have to do that very often because, as a rule, what’s great about personal training is that we don’t have to confront the specifics of disease and disorder. Although you may feel you have to help everyone, don’t fall into that trap. The truth is, you don’t need to accept every new client; you can opt to work with only healthy ones and there’s nothing wrong with that.

2. “I’ll train you ’til you crash.” Unfortunately, this is a common mistake. We’ve all seen trainers pushing seriously out-of-shape clients until they’re about to collapse; a lot of trainers even brag about it. And, some clients-who see this nonsense on reality TV and in the muscle gyms–think you’re supposed to drive them to the brink for them to see improvement. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re an independent trainer. When you’re working for yourself, keep in mind that you’ve got nothing to prove and that you’re in charge of your clients’ training. Let your clients know the plan and what part each workout session plays in it. That way you can teach them that there’s no need to torture them. Depending on the client’s health and goals, that may come later when they’re ready for it. I always push my clients at about 110% of what they can handle, but this is different for every different client and they’re not crawling out the door when they’re done. I’ll say it again: You’ve got nothing to prove.

3. “Not Kid-Friendly.” Don’t work with children if you don’t know how to set up a training program for them; they’re not small adults. Granted, the mushrooming problem of child obesity indicates that a lot of kids may need one-on-one training and quite a few parents are all for it. But to provide the best service and cover yourself, it’d probably be a good idea for you to get some specific credentials or knowledge on how to train children. I did some reading on this recently and was surprised by some of the information I found about the different factors you need to consider in programming personal for children. It was pretty interesting, and, taking the time to understand some of these issues if you chose to train children is worthwhile.

4. “Bring a few of your friends and I’ll train y’all for half-price.” This portion of the article wasn’t really a “diss”; the point is that the rates you charge for small-group personal training are different from one-on-one. Create a separate price structure for small group training and stick by it-no exceptions. Even though we all develop a real rapport with our clients, being consistent about how you deal with them-including how much you charge for your services-is important. You may even want to have your rates printed and in your training journal so that it’s always there in writing. But, making up prices on the fly is unprofessional-and can become unethical.

5. “If you learn enough to work out without me, you will.” This contention– that trainers make their exercises unnecessarily complicated to hang on to clients-is patently ridiculous. For one thing, clients aren’t so clueless and they won’t be satisfied with a pointlessly Byzantine workout routine. What the article was really getting at here, is that the people running personal training conferences were teaching complicated functional training as a great way to create a ton of classes and ancillary products the conference organizers could sell. But, any competent trainer knows that training the general population isn’t rocket science and a lot of these specialized techniques are unnecessary.

As far as equipment goes, just as is true of so much else about personal training, what you use and how is based on the client’s condition and goals. There are trainers who use only free weights and the clients’ body weight in their routines. Of course we want to teach clients to work out on their own, and effectively, or they won’t get results but we, as trainers bring something indispensable to the table, too. Make sure you focus on both in your practice.

On this one, I’m gonna cut right to the chase: Don’t gossip about your clients to anyone-ever. For one thing, whoever you’re gossiping to will assume that you’ll talk behind anyone’s back. And, it’s far from uncommon for one’s clients to become friends with each other. Granted, they may talk behind your back but, if you’re effective, this is all to the good. If you want to be a highly-regarded, in-demand trainer who attracts high-end clients, keep everything professional and positive. That means no griping or gossiping about your clients.

7. “I’m as qualified to train you as, say, that guy workin’ out over there.” The take-home message here is that credentials matter but there are a lot of certs out there and, they don’t tell the whole story. Qualifications are important and a clued-in client will be looking for them but it’s the other ways of how you market yourself that will help you make the sale and keep the clients re-signing. These include your appearance, your professionalism, whether and how your clients talk about you, your specialty and your credibility. In short, your certs don’t sell you-you do. The trainer who likes to make workouts but effective and fun and pay attention to the entire client is the one who’ll be in demand.

8. “Just because you pay more doesn’t mean you’ll get more.” There are plenty of high-priced trainers out there who aren’t worth what they’re charging because they don’t or can’t relate to or motivate their clients. That’s a great way to rack up a lot of former clients. On the other hand, those who inspire and support their clients will get superior results, become increasingly valuable to those clients and, can charge progressively more for their services. This is as true for the kid who just got certified to the seasoned veteran trainer who commands top-dollar and is turning away prospects (s)he doesn’t have time to train.

The Smart Money article suggests that clients do a few workouts with a trainer to get a taste of what they’re buying. I often offer a small no-commitment package to new clients, to introduce them to me and prove why I’m worth what I charge.

9. “Once my ship comes in, I’m jumpin’ this one.” This goes back to the point I made in my intro about viewing personal training as just a job, not a career. And, no doubt about it: a lot of trainers do. They’re the ones who can’t figure out why clients balk when they raise their rates and decide not to renew and why they’re always broke. Yes, this career is easy and enjoyable but, it’s also serious business. Regardless of what else you’ve got goin’ on, your clients and the services you provide have got to be top-notch. Once you get that down, you won’t have to worry about attracting and retaining clients; it’ll happen automatically.

10. “No, I’m not a nutritionist but, this is what you should eat.” This is a gray area. Most clients aren’t going to get fitter and healthier through exercise alone but unless (s)he’s got a degree in nutrition, a trainer shouldn’t be telling a client specifically what to eat. That doesn’t mean you can’t suggest general guidelines about the types of food to eat and avoid. But, trying to pass yourself off as a nutritional specialist or offering to craft diet plans without the proper training is misleading and could be dangerous-for your clients and for your career.

If a client has preexisting conditions or is on medication, consider involving a dietician to counsel the client. Remember, this doesn’t mean you can’t discuss nutrition generally with your client-in fact, it’s a natural extension of your mentoring role. But, if you’re not credentialed in nutrition, you can’t charge for it.

Bottom Line: Remember the two “Ps”

Successful personal trainers are professional but the personal element is just as important. That’s what the writers of the Smart Money article missed. They view personal training, not as a service but a product — and that’s what the mediocre dilettantes among us, do-for as long as they last. Take care of the basics — both Ps — and you can do the rest your way.

If you are injured during your personal training, to look for a sports physiotherapy in Singapore

Is Online Personal Training For You?

The World Wide Web, where would we be without it today? Through the increasing use of internet and more recently, social networking sites, the ones most of us must have these days. Online personal training has become a very popular way to get in shape, and soon to become much more popular in my humble opinion. Many trainers and virtual programs offer many options such as: Tailored fitness programs to your specific goals, contest preparation coaching, and most importantly nutritional guidance. These are some of the reasons why online training has become an attractive option over actual one-on-one personal training in a practical setting. Another couple of valid reasons I might add are time constraints and geographic restrictions. Not everyone has time to set a time and meet with a trainer three or four times during the week, and most people are not going to drive a long way to meet with a trainer. Also with an online trainer you have just about 24 hour access to communicate via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. So why not have a tailored program to follow whenever you have time and why not be able to choose any trainer in the world?

So far online training seems like a win-win situation, right? Well, with any great utility service, there are always advantages and disadvantages, nothing is ever perfect. Throughout this article I will try and explain both sides by offering guidance and recommendations for both trainers and clients to improve their experience of online training without being bias. First and foremost, online training has become a powerful tool in offering services to a broad audience but the growth has fueled competition among trainers in commercial gyms who are battling to stand out. My first Issue with online training is the source and credibility of a personal trainer. There’s no real substitute for meeting a personal trainer in person, creating that relationship with one another, and watching them in action with other clients. There are many different certifications out there, many are very legit and well respected, while others are not. Pretty much anyone can become a trainer these days or say they are a trainer to make a quick buck. So how can you trust someone online? Well you definitely should do your research when choosing an online trainer, check their credibility along with their websites credibility and really go with your gut feeling. I will delve into this a bit more later on.

My first issue with traditional personal trainers who train at commercial gyms is their lack of engagement and knowledge with clients. We all know in order to work as a trainer at a gym, you have to be a Certified Personal Trainer, and once again anyone can get certified. So, my point is just because one has a handful of different certifications and a degree in Kinesiology doesn’t necessarily mean they are a great trainer. I see trainer’s everyday where I work out, some are great and I can really tell they care about their client’s success. But, the majority of other trainers amaze me with their lack of knowledge, exercise selections, stupidity, and lack of intensity when training clients. The majority of the time these trainers are counting reps for you while texting on their phones or just jibber jabbering with the client or others they know. Many trainers are just in it for the money and want to get their clients through their sessions as fast as possible with little struggle. I call these “Text Book Trainers” because they are always going by the book and liability issues; many trainers underestimate their client’s abilities. A couple of different trainers once told me that as long as you throw out big scientific words to clients they won’t question you and they will think you’re the best. Another trainer said he wants to be a “Guru!” Lol. Unbelievable! How can someone want to have all the answers to everything and want that reputation of being a guru? Last but not least, trainers at gyms do not educate clients about proper nutrition and do not formulate personalized nutrition plans for their clients. They most likely tell you to follow the bullshit “Food Pyramid” recommendations that our corrupted FDA so kindly supplies us with. Now, I am not saying being a trainer at a commercial gym is bad, if that is your goal to work for someone else, then by all means do so. Just take pride in helping your clients reach their goals by educating them properly and most of all actually put them through a legit workout. For consumers, be aware of these kinds of trainers and gyms, they pretty much just want to sell you training packages to meet their monthly goals.

I know many may think online training is a scam, but let’s look at a few advantages and disadvantages that this unique method can offer, giving you the chance to determine if online training is for you or not. With an average personal training session costing around $60, not to mention the actual gym initiation fees and travel expense, the cost of one-on-one training can soon hurt your wallet. Many people are intimidated to go to gyms due to many muscular and fit people, overwhelming equipment, and just overall too much chaos going on. Well online training offers the chance to meet your goals without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Flexibility can also be a huge advantage, meaning online training can be done without any set schedule or routine. Although this could be a disadvantage if the client lacks motivation, accountability, and discipline to remain consistent to the program you assign them. This is due to them wanting a physical presence there with them and guiding them through the workout. Also online trainers cannot always judge your progress and actually watch your posture when performing certain workouts, which could really frustrate a potential client and possibly lead to worse problems.

There are bigger questions to address with online training that could put the trainer and the client at a potential risk. The three essential elements of personal training are: An initial assessment, observing the clients training, and giving relevant feedback to ensure progress. These processes are severely compromised through online training. If you decide to choose an online trainer, make sure the trainer has a similar protocol assessment as an actual trainer at a gym would. I highly recommend a phone consultation before paying, think of this as an initial screening process and you can really get a feel for the trainer to see if you do want to work with him or her.

When buying training packages at a gym, you are subjected to a waiver, removing all liability from the club as well as the trainer the majority of the time. With online training, there are often times no waiver or legal agreements provided. I can’t stress this enough to make sure if you do go with an online trainer that they do have a release of liability waiver. Which brings me to my next point, what about the legalities of online personal training? What if the client were to get injured while using your program you supplied and you are in a different county or state? What are the legal responsibilities then? Well, a legal agreement can be addressed between the trainer and client by two ways: valid contract and valid contacts. A valid contract is a signed agreement agreeing to terms and conditions of online training and the commitment between both parties. A valid contact shows that there is a reasonable amount of contact between the client and trainer over and above the click of a button to purchase a training program. To ensure the best service, a phone consultation or skype should be set up, along with a printed contract should be mailed to sign and return to the proper address.

If you are an online trainer, take the following steps to establish evidence of a valid contract, assumption of risk, informed consent, and fulfillment of your legal duty as a personal trainer.

1. Post by mail all contracts to your clients for them to read and sign

2. After receiving the signed document, phone them or Skype them to review and clarify.

3. Mail regular progress cards for the client to fill out and sign. The reports should require a signature stating that the information attested to is true and accurate under penalty of perjury.

4. Include a disclaimer on your website stating that all users should consult a physician before beginning an exercise program and that the information provided is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or medical ailment.

5. Unless your goal is to train clients in a different state or country, make it clear that the content of your website is directed only at those who could potentially travel to your local gym. Be very clear!

Despite the negatives of online personal training, this form of training is very unique and beneficial as opposed to traditional personal training. The few negative drawbacks can be overlooked or reduced with the right approach. Just make sure you really do your research before and be sure you make a connection with that online trainer, there are way too many crooks out there that will do anything for money. My brother Chris and I are online training and nutritional coaches, as well as traditional trainers on occasion, we truly believe online training will continue to grow now and in the future. Just ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen by trying an online personal training program? If you don’t like it maybe that is your calling to actually join a gym and get a trainer, if you do like it than great, either way you are taking a step forward in the right direction to living a healthier and fit lifestyle, bottom line! With all this said, if you are a trainer in a gym, online trainer, or a group fitness instructor, at the end of the day we are all in this industry together. As long as we all continue to educate, be humble, and be honest to our clients in helping them reach their goals, than that’s all that matters. I respect each and every trainer for what they do nationwide, everyone has a different style, and that’s the beauty of it. Peace and god bless everyone!