Pendant Lights Are the Perfect Designer Lighting for Any Home

Chic is Always Popular

A new and chic fixture that is becoming increasingly popular is known as the pendant light. This particular fixture is available in a wide range of styles and designs. There are a wide variety of brand names to choose from, and most of the styling leans toward simplicity with trendy themes in mind. The pendant lights are decorative fixtures that hang by a chain or cord, and are available in a broad diversity of materials that include brass, crystal, or even pewter glass. The fixtures are also offered in an assortment of textured finishes including weathered coverings to match any décor. These gorgeous home accessories offer a stylish yet retro finish to any home, and are able to accent all items from mirrors and photo frames to cushions and throws.

For those who are looking for the alternative to everyday fixtures, these are timeless alternatives. Unlike the traditional chandeliers which utilize multiple lights, most of these unique fixtures utilize only one light bulb. Not only does this make pendant lighting easier to maintain, but definitely is a stylish and trendy alternative to traditional lighting.

Pendant lighting serves as a multifunctional type of lighting for a various rooms; whether they are over desks, night stands, or a traditional table, these lights are a luxurious home accessory. Yet another aspect of the lights to be admired, the length of the lighting is easily adjusted which can instantly alter the ambiance of the entire room. Placing one or more pendant lights over a kitchen table or throughout an entire dining room will no doubt create a more sleek, elegant look for the room overall. There are also ways to mix and match various luxury sconces with pendant lighting in a retro or shabby chic manner of décor.

Changing it Up

The versatility of these lights is a great feature as they not only provide general lighting but can be place in just about any area of a room where light is wanted. These lights are perfect fixtures for those who wish to add mood lighting to any room. Whether one is wishing to bring a more country style to their kitchen, a cottage based feel to their entire home, or just trying to convert their new home into a retro theme, pendant lighting is there to help. There are a wide variety of styles in an extension selection of shapes and sizes in order to provide a home the best lighting canvas possible. These pendant lights will blend effortlessly for a picture perfect setting. Pendant lights can even be placed within foyers, hallways, as well as outside to incorporate a warm, well-lit feel throughout the entirety of a home.

Kitchen Lighting

Those kitchens which may need a bit of sprucing can easily be transformed into something new by just a simple upgrade in the lighting scheme. Incorporating the theme of a home into the kitchen is a fantastic way to utilize pendant lighting in all areas of the home. There are hundreds of up to date and stylish pendant lighting fixtures which will give any kitchen an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whether the look of a home is retro, cottage, or even French shabby chic, pendant lights will speak volumes throughout the living areas, and the kitchen area, of any home.

Another great addition for any kitchen is the use of beautiful china and smaller accessories. Show off those family heirlooms and old teapots. Some of today’s most trendy kitchen accessories include vintage feeling items. Be sure to incorporate them throughout the decorating process to truly capture the look and feel of any vibe.

It is important to always bear in mind what type of pendant lights will be best within any household throughout the remodeling process. Depending on the level of lighting necessary lighting can be the perfect stylish home accessories. From the kitchen lights to the bedroom, any home can count on designer lighting to get that luxury feel.

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Kitchen Pendant Lighting – Transform Your Kitchen From Drab To Fab!

Kitchen pendant lighting is becoming an increasingly popular kitchen lighting fixture choice for lighting up kitchens. While traditionally kitchen lighting has been bland and uninteresting, often in the form of boring neon lights, pendant lighting can really spice up the appearance of your kitchen. You can get the lights as part of a theme that goes with the rest of your kitchen, by picking similar colors to your kitchen furniture or upholstery. Additionally, there are different types of kitchen pendant lighting based on styles of furniture – for instance, you might have elegant classical looking light fixtures if you have completely rustic or antique furniture in the kitchen, or you could have a more modern high tech look if your kitchen is of the newer ultramodern look.

Where to find kitchen pendant lighting?

You can often begin your quest to find the perfect kitchen lighting on the Internet. Just searching in Google will bring up a lot of stores that sell different types of lighting. Browse through and learn a few popular brand names and get familiar with any styles that you like particularly. Some of the more popular brands are Besa, Dale Tiffany, Landmark, Murray Feiss and Vaxcel.

Ultimately, you don’t need to order your lighting online, although this is a highly convenient option and will allow you the most leeway in choice, as often stores have run out of stock of particular lights, especially in the holiday periods. You can also of course go to a traditional store such as Ikea, Sears, Home Depot or Rona to buy your kitchen lighting. This is more appropriate if you absolutely want to see the lighting yourself before you buy it. You might even find that you like a few models that you see in a store and then order them online anyway, because it’s more convenient.

The different styles of kitchen pendant lighting

There are a huge number of styles to pick from when it comes to kitchen pendant lighting. The Contemporary Style offers metallic and plastic lights in the shape of bells and upside down jars, with a few other shapes. Generally, they go well in modern kitchens and fit well with a kitchen that’s heavily decked out in the latest appliances. The Traditional and Rustic Styles are more classical looking, and have flairs and parts that are nice shapes that go well with traditional wooden kitchen furniture. If you have a stucco pattern on your kitchen ceiling, for example, you might like to go for the Rustic Style of kitchen lighting to match that. Crystal is another popular style for kitchen pendant lighting, and will go best in the most elegant residences or even special places such as town halls or ballroom kitchens in hotels.

What types of kitchen pendant lighting are there?

There is a huge variety of kitchen pendant lights available on the market and it pays to learn the names of the different types so that it becomes easier to ask for what you want when it comes to looking at models. There are mini-pendants, multi-lights, bowl pendants, billiard and pool table lights, drum shades, downlights and even outdoor pendant lighting.

The size of your kitchen pendant lighting is also important and you can get them from under 10 inches all the way up to 20 inches or greater, depending on your needs.

There are many different colors for kitchen lighting fixtures, but some of the most popular are of course the basic colors, such as black, gray, red, white, blue, green as well as some metallic and chromatic colored ones. Multicolored kitchen pendant lighting is also increasing in popularity.

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The secret life of the Backroom staff of Indian Cricket Team (2019)

When it comes to discussing cricket players, everyone knows the major players involved. Even those with only a passing interest in the cricket will tell you that there’s a coach who is in charge of picking the best XI. But what about the other backroom staff of Indian cricket team?

As the game evolved over the decades, it became more competitive and thus, more demanding. Playing well alone wasn’t enough anymore. Cricketers had to be consistently fit and ever ready – both physically and mentally. Thus rose the importance of various experts specialized in handling a particular aspect of the player’s game. their role is equally important along with the player’s performances. Who are the men who have provided arguably the best and most specialised preparations for Indian team? Let us meet the backroom staff of Indian cricket team.

Ravi Shastri (Head coach)

Backroom staff of Indian cricket team: Ravi Shastri KreedOn
Backroom staff of Indian cricket team: Ravi Shastri (Image credits: Getin)

The role of a head coach is not so much about preparing the players technically. It is more than a man-management and getting the best out of each individual. Ravi Shastri, the former Indian cricketer and famous commentators currently sits as the head coach of Indian cricket team. Ravi Shastri was the interim coach in 2007 and served as the team director from 2014-2016. Under his reign, India reached the semi-finals of global events – 2015 World Cup and 2016 World T20.

Ravi Shastri was appointed as the head coach of the Indian cricket team in July 2017. He took over the charge from from Anil Kumble. Shastri, is known for his deep reading of the game. Under his coaching, India has performed well especially in sub-continent.  Along with Shastri, India has equipped with separate, bowling and fielding coaches. This not only helps move the pressure off the shoulders of a single man but also brings new standpoints and expertise from others who are well-trained in their respective fields.

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Sanjay Bangar (Assistant coach)

Sanjay Bangar KreedOn
Backroom staff of Indian cricket team: Sanjay Bangar (Source: News18)

The Maharashtra born cricketer has only played 12 Tests and 15 ODIs. His career ended long back. Form may have failed him but the class and intelligence remained. Sanjay was head coach of IPL team Kings XI Punjab in 2014. In the same year, India was humbled by England in a series defeat. Thus, BCCIappointed him as an assistant coach. Not only he has improved the performance of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, he also worked hugely hard on improving the batting of our tail-enders.

He was there when Anil Kumble came in, he was there when Ravi Shastri took over and he even became head coach for short. There were debates over the staff and their roles but Bangar’s position never made any headlines. To sum up, this calm and composed man has seen all and knows each and every player of the roaster.

Bharat Arun (Bowling coach)

Backroom staff of Indian cricket team: Bharat Arun KreedOn
Backroom staff of Indian cricket team: Bharat Arun (Image Credits: Crictale)

We bet only hardcore cricket fans may know this name. Bharat Arun was appointed as the bowling coach for India for England series in 2014. He was relieved and was appointed again for a second stint in July 2017.

Bharat was the Guru of the India’s under-19 World Cup in 2012 and has coached Tamil Nadu, Bengal in the domestic circuit. He is masterminding what are clearly the budding stages of the golden era of Indian fast bowling. The coach has delivered and nurtured bunch of exciting prospects for Indian team. Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Kuldeep Yadav, Hardik Pandya; aren’t these names enough?      Arun’s experience level and knowledge are more than enough to persuade any young gun that he can help them become better cricketers.

R Sridhar (Fielding coach)

Ramakrishnan Sridhar, in his 11-year domestic career, played 35 first class games and 15 List A games. He was first selected as the fielding coach during the England tour in 2014 and kept his duty till the end of 2016 World T20. He was re-appointed for the same role just before the start of the series against New Zealand in the same year. The former first-class cricketer from Hyderabad has received praises around the world from cric experts. Sridhar has played an important role in evolving India as one of the best fielding team in the world.

Patrick Farhart (Physiotherapist)

Patrick Farhart KreedOn
Patrick Farhart (Credits: Prokerala)

Given the exhausting action cricketers go through on the field day in and day out, physiotherapists play vital role in a team. Be it a pulled calf or a shoulder injury, physios are crucial as they run onto the field with their kits to provide relief to the players. You must have seen this man on regular intervals with his kit running around the ground or having discussions with the players.

He is Patrick Farhart, physiotherapist of Indian cricket team. The Australian international is with the team from 2015. He is a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy (1986) and Master of Sports Physiotherapy (2000).  Farhat has been in the field for more than twenty years. Only few of you may know, Patrick Farhat has also worked with Australian football and rugby teams. He is a familiar face in India now as he was a physio for IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab.

Shankar Basu (Fitness trainer)

Shankar Basu was associated with National Cricket Academy and later joined IPL club Royal Challengers Bangalore as a fitness trainer. He was appointed as fitness trainer due to the continuous demand of skipper Virat Kohli of having him on board.

Basu’s journey began in track and field. He was an excellent sprinter. He progressively strengthened his regime by training for a longer distance. But to his results took a reverse hit. This blessing in disguise set up his career as a coach. He started to study cricketers and noticed the aimless jogging, inappropriate training. He joined RCB and currently he is doing a remarkable job for men in blue.

Raghu Srinivasan (Assistant trainer/Special thrower)

One can see Raghu in practice session of India. The team has found a great efficacy in the services of special thrower and assistant trainer Raghu Srinivasan. He is the one who provides ample batting practice against pace bowling in stimulated surroundings. Raghu has joined Indian squad in 2011 when India went to Australia.          Even KL Rahul once said, “Raghu has been somebody who has been a second coach to me. He was there in the NCA since my Under 15 days and he used to call me for training. He helped me groom and get better as a player”.

Sunil Subramaniam (Team Manager)

Backroom staff of Indian cricket team: Sunil Subramanian KreedOn
Sunil Subramanian and M. Venkataramana (Image credits:The Hindu)

Sunil Subramaniam is a former Indian first-class cricketer. He currently works as a team manager for  Indian Cricket Team. The left-arm spinner plied his trade with Tamil Nadu and bagged 285 wickets in 74 first class matches. He came close to donning the international cap but failed. Now, he wears the round cap and is working as a team manager where he closely interacts with the skipper and the coach.

Rajiv Kumar and Arun Kanade works as massage therapist whereas Ashish Tuli is a video analyst. Rishikesh Upadhyaya is a logistics manager at Indian cricket team.  On the other side, Raghavindraa Dvgi works as am Assistant Manager – Training and Logistics.

Trainer from Belfast develops online workout programme to help tackle cystic fibrosis

A fitness trainer from Belfast who has cystic fibrosis says a new online workout programme could be “massive” for people living with the disease.

Ben Mudge, 29, has developed the programme featuring training plans, nutrition advice and community support for “other cystic fibrosis heroes”.

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited, chronic disease that affects primarily the lungs and digestive tract.

Ben, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, believes exercise has been an important factor for him in achieving and maintaining his healthy lung function.

“Cystic fibrosis can take a lot of stuff from you. It can take away your confidence. It can take away how you feel about yourself but the biggest thing it takes away is your time. You have to spend time on treatments. So with these fitness plans I’m hoping you can buy back some of that time,” he said.

Treatments for people with cystic fibrosis can vary depending on the severity of the disease but can include the use of inhalers, nebulisers, antibiotic therapy and a high calorie diet.

According to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, exercise and physical fitness is important to people with cystic fibrosis as it is a natural form of chest physiotherapy which increases lung capacity and helps keep airways clear.

“Growing up, I never wanted to be singled out as the sick one, the one with cystic fibrosis. I think that’s the underlying drive that I have. I kind of made the hero that I wanted out of myself,” Ben said.

He uses the superhero Thor as an alter ego on his social media channels to inspire others, particularly children, living with cystic fibrosis.

He posts weekly “Thorsday” pictures to his 105,000 followers on Instagram.

He says developing an online programme was important because people with cystic fibrosis should not meet face-to-face because of the risk of cross-infection.

“Cystic fibrosis is a very isolating illness because you can’t socialise with those who have it as well, so having that community built in, allowing people to chat to each other and creating friendships is a massive thing.” 

Initially five people with cystic fibrosis from around the world signed up to the trial run of the fitness programme.

“All of us in the group, I’ve seen everyone get frustrated at one point and Ben is extremely encouraging and he’s coming from a place of real empathy because he truly gets it. Not just fitness, but CF as a whole,” said Stephanie Stavros, from Toronto in Canada.

Stephanie, who is on day 57 of IV antibiotics for a lung infection, said Mr Mudge and his programme are keeping her motivated to get better.

Ireland has the highest incidence of cystic fibrosis per capita in the world.

There are approximately 1,300 people living with cystic fibrosis in Ireland, according to the 2016 CF Registry of Ireland Annual Data Report.

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland runs a twice yearly Exercise Grant Scheme, which provides financial assistance for people with cystic fibrosis.

The grant can be used to pay for gym membership fees, fitness classes and to buy home exercise equipment such as trampolines.

65 Roses Day is the national fundraising day for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

24 Hour Fitness Targets Growth and Transformation Under New CEO

(Editor’s Note: To hear more from Tony Ueber, CEO at 24 Hour Fitness, listen to the April Club Industry Podcast here.)

Tony Ueber has a big task at hand. As the new CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, he is leading a more aggressive growth strategy plan, is overseeing a transformation that the company had begun prior to him being hired in January and must overcome any skepticism that staff and others in the industry may have about yet another new face heading up one of the largest health club chains in the country.

At the end of April, 24 Hour Fitness, San Ramon, California, had 448 open clubs, almost returning to the 450 club number it had at the end of 2014, the year it purchased 32 Bally Total Fitness clubs. However, the numbers dropped to 433 clubs at the end of 2017 after some of those former Bally clubs closed and after the company sold its 19 Midwest clubs to Genesis Health Clubs, Wichita, Kansas, in 2016. That move signaled an exit by 24 Hour from the Midwest.  

24 Hour opened 16 new clubs in 2018 and will open more than that number in 2019, Ueber said when he sat down with Club Industry in March at the IHRSA conference in San Diego. He declined to share exactly how many new clubs are planned other than to say a club will open every few weeks.

“That is a big part of the plan is net new club growth and getting back to a really aggressive growth profile,” Ueber said. “So, I know we have been stepping up the number of clubs we have been opening every year, and this year will be another record number over the past several years.”

The primary focus is on building their own facilities rather than growing through acquisitions, he said.

He wouldn’t give specifics on geographic growth targets other than to say that the company will enter some new markets.

“We are going to look to markets where we feel we can go in and can create a compelling value proposition and have density of clubs in a market,” he said. “We will focus on a few markets rather than many markets and making sure we build a network of clubs that can satisfy our members within a specific community. Without giving away any specifics on those plans, we will be entering some new markets in the next few years, compared to the ones we are in currently.”

The more aggressive strategy comes at the direction and with the support of the owners, which include AEA Investors LP, Ontario Teacher’s Pension Fund and Fitness Capital Partners LLC. 24 Hour reported revenue of $1.44 billion in 2017, an increase of 1.48 percent from 2016, according to its submission for Club Industry’s 2018 Top 100 Clubs list. The company has not submitted its form yet for this year’s list. 

“We have an exceptionally supportive ownership structure that is really determined to see this company be successful, not just from a financial perspective but really from a changing the industry perspective,” Ueber said. “These guys truly believe in this profession and believe in this company as a company that can have an impact and do great things. So, they are super fired up and energized behind the business as well, which is great when you sit in my seat to have that type of support for what you are trying to do.”

Transformation Plan

That energy was put into action when the owners and the executive team developed a transformation plan prior to Ueber’s hiring that Ueber will now lead. The gist of the plan is to be more member centric.

Part of that plan involves rolling out more self-service capabilities, such as online joining options.  

“People have a lot of information before they come into the gym,” Ueber said. “They don’t need to be taken around by someone on the traditional tour. They already know a lot about who we are and what we have to offer just through their own research. So, I think we need to be adaptive in those ways.”

Although there will be kiosks and online joining options, people who still want the traditional tour and a person to talk to will have that option.

“We want to be able to meet people where they are and what they need,” he said. “Not everybody needs the same thing. I think the key is being adaptive enough to offer a range of services and ways of interacting. I mean I can still go through the regular checkout line at Target if I want to. I am not forced to go through the self-serve checkout line. The same thing would be true for us.”

Does that mean 24 Hour Fitness has elimintated its sales positions, as rumored? Ueber said no, at least not at this point. In a follow-up email to Ueber about the rumor, he wrote: “We do still have salespeople today. However, as part of our transformation, we will be changing the paradigm, and the traditional definition of a ‘salesperson.’ More to come on that front in the future.”

24 Hour added further that every employee in each of its clubs is there to help people—members and guests, regardless of their position—to achieve the fitness results they want. 

Another piece of the transformation is the Fit Plan, which helps build a fitness routine for each member that works with their goals, interests and schedule. The plan is delivered into the member’s mobile phone on the company’s free 24Go app and offers digital “how to” guidance, schedules, reminders and instruction about what to do each day inside and outside of the club. 24Go also offers members curated content (fitness information, news and studies), hundreds of digital workouts and class suggestions. The app recommends workouts, adapting them to the user’s needs, likes, location, workout history and the equipment available to the user at the time. 

The company also is focused on its 28-day StepUp program, which launched in April 2018. The program is based on research from the University of Pennsylvania’s Behavior Change for Good (BCFG) Initiative, which 24 Hour has partnered with. The University of Pennsylvania program (led by Angela Duckworth, professor of psychology at the Penn School of Arts and Sciences, and Katherine Milkman, association professor of operations, information and decisions at the Wharton School) is researching what motivates gym-goers with the goal of creating lasting habits that can impact the global population. 24 Hour has partnered with the BCFG. The StepUp program offers a science-based interactive digital program that encourages more visits to teh gym, partially through specific mesaging and support that are based on their individual needs. 


One of the biggest challenges Ueber faces is communicating the plan and changes to everyone throughout such a large organization, he said.

He wants to ensure that people know who he is, understand his vision for the company, and see his passion and commitment behind the direction the company is moving. He came to the company from other multi-unit businesses, including most recently stints as CEO at Results Physiotherapy and Banfield Pet Hospital.  

Ueber spoke to the various CEO changes that 24 Hour has experienced in the past six years and how that may concern team members as yet another new leader steps in.

Ueber replaced Chris Roussos, who was hired as CEO in May 2017 after Mark Smith left in March 2017. (24 Hour President Frank Napolitano served as acting CEO in the interim.) Smith had been appointed CEO in May 2014 when Forstmann Little and Co. sold 24 Hour to AEA Investors LP, Ontario Teacher’s Pension Fund and Fitness Capital Partners LLC. Prior to Smith’s tenure, Elizabeth Blair served as CEO starting in September 2013 after Carl Liebert left as CEO in May 2013. Liebert had been CEO since 2006.

Ueber said: “There has been a lot of change. If I were sitting in a lot of people’s seats, I’d say, ‘OK, here we go again,’ which sometimes happens for various reasons in an organization. I do have quite a bit of experience coming into new companies and coming up to speed really quickly. I think I have a bunch of different experiences that I can bring to bear here. I have joked I am not going to win anybody over with charisma, but I am extremely sincere. I have learned to not try to be Mr. Charisma but just rely on sincerity and being straight forward with people.”

Communication is key, he said. When people lack information, they don’t feel connected to a company’s plan, and they are left to fill in the gaps themselves.

“My challenge as the CEO and our challenge as the leadership team, is making sure that 24,000 people know what we stand for and why we are doing the things we are doing and how they need to get behind those things in order to make it a reality because, otherwise, we can think up all the big thoughts that we want to, but it is not going to happen without all those people,” he said.

For more from Ueber, listen to the April Club Industry Podcast in which Ueber and Tom Lapcevic, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, share more about the challenges that Ueber and 24 Hour Fitness face as a mid-priced club, the company’s growth plans, profitability of older clubs compared to newer clubs, career paths for trainers, and details about the Fit Plan and the company’s plan to be more member centric. Photo courtesy 24 Hour Fitness.24 Hour Fitness rolled out its Fit Plan, which helps build a fitness routine for each member working with their goals, interests and schedule. The plan is delivered into the member’s mobile phone on 24GO, the company’s app.

Leading universities for sports science – nurturing equality, diversity and inclusivity

Leading to countless career opportunities in sports coaching, sports management, sport-science specialists for professional athletes, personal training and a chance at kickstarting entrepreneurial initiatives, sports science programmes prove to be gold-standard among the global job field.

Flocking to social media pages in their thousands, it is normal to see fitness schedules, workout tutorials and health regimes plastered over Instagram pages and blasted over Facebook accounts.

From fitness trainer to influencer, sports science has raced its way forward alongside the rise of social media and has helped to inspire, train and alter viewer’s exercise habits and well-being for the better.

With reference to The Guardian, sports science degrees recently came under the spotlight, described as courses that grant a vital understanding of human responses to sport and exercise and outlines the multiple health benefits of physical activity.


“Sports science degrees are aimed at those who are interested in taking a behind-the-scenes look at sport, exercise and health, coaching, management, and how the body works. And these courses aren’t just for athletes: you don’t necessarily need to be good at sport to take a sports science degree.

“You will also learn about the impact that prolonged sporting activity and exercise can have on the body, such as how muscles repair themselves after an athlete runs a marathon or a footballer plays a 90-minute game at altitude on a hot day,” the article notes.

Unlocking multiple avenues for you to explore, a sports science degree isn’t just a qualification, it’s an investment.

Applying your newly acquired knowledge to important situations, such as coaching a national team or increasing a client’s health and welfare, is a rewarding journey for all.

Mile by mile, you’ll witness why sports are such a significant feature of society today and how teaching sport and physical education positively alters people’s lives.

But you must ensure that the university or college you opt for has your best interests at heart and builds upon your aspirations on a diverse, equal and inclusive study platform. This way, you’ll race ahead and make your mark within the sports science sector.

Here are four sports science schools that maintain a balanced and diverse student experience…


Winning the title of ‘Best Student Campus’ at the 2019 Education Ireland Awards and the ‘Irish University of the Year’ 2019 in the Sunday Times Good University Guide, the University of Limerick (UL) offers an unbeatable international student experience.

Driven by excellent career and salary prospects, many students are motivated to pursue postgraduate study at the UL Physical Education and Sport Sciences Department (PESS).

shutterstock_255771979  Swim-Ireland-UL

University of Limerick

With the I-Graduate International Student Barometer Report highlighting UL to be 1st in Ireland and 2nd in Europe for outstanding graduate employability, the university also scored second for international student happiness!

Paired with the academic power within PESS and the university’s successful track record, you’ll feel confident to pursue your postgraduate degree here.

From the MSc Sports Performance to the MSc Applied Sports Coaching and the MSc Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, there’s a programme suited to your applied sports science career.

Whilst studying on this stunning green campus, you’ll have access to incredible outdoor facilities, the Boathouse, the Adventure Centre and the amazing Arena. Plus, you’ll have the chance to join in with inclusive clubs and dynamic sports societies.

What more could you want? Strengthen your knowledge in the Applied Sport Sciences with UL PESS today!


Swansea University was named ‘Welsh University of the Year’ and runner-up for the overall UK University of the Year in the prestigious Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019.

Through the driven and dedicated School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Swansea students go from strength to strength, with many opting for postgraduate research courses to heighten their professional position.

Motivated by the prospects of the school’s MPhil or PhD in Sports Science, the MSc by Research in Sports Science and the Erasmus Mundus MA Sports Ethics and Integrity, applicants are exposed to the broad and niche theories associated with sports science.

Supported by the Applied Sports, Technology, Exercise and Medicine (A-STEM) research centre, which recently welcomed two new sports science experts to its ranks, academic potential runs free.

“Three-quarters of our research is world-leading. We use this research to inform a cutting-edge curriculum and help Olympic athletes, professional sports teams, health and fitness professionals and the NHS. We also engage in research and development with industry to help develop policies, products, practices and services,” Professor Stratton, Head of A-STEM, explains.

Bringing a wealth of expertise to the table, this school is the perfect research platform to produce lasting sports sciences solutions.

shutterstock_255771979  Swim-Ireland-UL  MEng-SPEX

Swansea University


Where ‘world changers are welcome’, the University of Glasgow in Scotland is where students take control of their sports sciences career.

Encouraged to become a demonstrator at the School of Life Sciences, postgraduates enhance their studies by tutoring undergraduates and taking part in research opportunities.

Within their Master’s selection of degrees, the school encourages participation in the Sports NutritionSport and Exercise Science and Medicine and Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine programmes.

Empowering young sports scientists and making headlines with frequent research innovations, there’s always a student success story to be heard from this School of Life Sciences.

For example, Emily Bird, who is currently studying for an MSc in Human Nutrition, is helping people across the UK to develop a positive and balanced relationship with food.

“I want to help make food and diet part of school education; the more information we share, the more informed we become. I hope to volunteer in school projects offering food and cookery lessons to children and families,” she notes.

So, if you have a strong desire to fulfil your goals in the sport science field and wish to create a positive impact on sports services and education, connect with the school today.


shutterstock_255771979  Swim-Ireland-UL  MEng-SPEX  41429160741_3267e97c62_o

University of Bath

While studying sport, exercise and health at Bath’s established Department for Health, you’ll be taught how to promote health and well-being, enhance functional performance and improve the quality and efficiency of health services.

For health sciences, there’s the Health and Well-being MRes – 2 years part-time degree and the Health and Well-being MRes – 1 year full-time degree.

For sport and exercise disciplines, there’s the Sport and Exercise Medicine MSc – 3 to 5 years part-time distance learning degree, and the Sport and Exercise Medicine PG Dip – 2 to 4 years part-time distance learning degree.

And for sports physiotherapy enthusiasts, you can take the Sports Physiotherapy MSc – 3 to 5 years part-time distance learning degree.

Advising prospective students at Bath to fulfil their professional desires, Ronjan Bhattacharya, an MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine learner, states that: “I would definitely recommend this course at the University of Bath, particularly to Junior Doctors with an interest in SEM. It will help you develop a broad knowledge base in the subject, whilst helping you develop skills for working in sport at any level.”

PLAN YOUR BIG DAY: 1 year wedding countdown calendar

12+ Months

  • Announce your engagement to friends and family
  • Choose your wedding theme and style and colours
  • Calculate your basic wedding budget; research reception venues
  • Decide how many guests you wish to invite
  • Look through bridal magazines for gowns and bridal ideas
  • Meet potential wedding consultants
  • Research wedding pros (photographers, videographers, reception bands or DJs, musicians). Set up appointments and review portfolios and recordings.

11 Months

  • Select a wedding consultant and meet to discuss wedding planning details
  • Determine theme/decorations for your reception
  • Meet with several caterers; arrange for tastings
  • Select and book a caterer
  • Reserve musicians/DJ for reception
  • Determine wedding ceremony musicians and make musical selections
  • Book wedding videographer and photographer; make a list of photos, such as must-have photos of the bride and groom, fun bridal party ideas, and traditional bridal, ceremony and reception shots
  • Research and interview florists
  • Select and reserve your ceremony venue and schedule a rehearsal time
  • Choose reception venue; negotiate contract; leave a deposit
  • Visit local bridal stores to browse their selection of gowns
  • Choose your wedding-party members and ask them to participate in your celebration
  • Meet with your officiant to discuss the wedding ceremony
  • Mail save-the-dates for a destination wedding

10 Months

Order your wedding dress

  • Select and order your wedding gown
  • If your ceremony or reception will be held in a park or recreational area, obtain necessary permits
  • Discuss attendants’ duties with your maid of honour and bridesmaids

9 Months

  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Coordinate with vendors to incorporate your theme/style into all aspects of your wedding
  • Decide on the food and liquor to be served at your reception
  • Prepare a playlist of wedding-reception musical selections
  • Select and order your headpiece, veil, gloves and shoes
  • Confirm orders of and delivery dates for your wedding attire
  • Research airline, hotel and rental-car reservations for out-of-town guests

8 Months

  • Go to first gown fitting; invite your maid of honour to attend
  • Choose and order bridesmaid dresses and accessories
  • Research a variety of wedding ring styles
  • Select florist; discuss wedding ideas, theme and style

7 Months

  • Select and order your wedding rings
  • Review and finalise your wedding details with consultant
  • Notify bridesmaids about dress fittings
  • Discuss attire with groomsmen and make referrals to local formal-wear store
  • Select attire for flower girl and/or ring bearer
  • Determine the design, wording, font and paper stock for your wedding invitations, stationery, table and escort cards and thank-you notes; finalise order
  • Arrange a printer or hire a calligrapher for table cards
  • Determine order of ceremony events and choose appropriate wording for your programs
  • Negotiate rates and book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
  • Purchase bridal accessories: jewellery, lingerie, etc.
  • Choose and order something fun for guests to throw after your ceremony (rose petals, confetti or birdseed)

6 Months

  • Review and approve proofs of wedding invitations and stationery
  • Discuss the type of honeymoon you want – start reading up on potential destinations and consult a travel agent for ideas and suggestions.

5 Months


Finalise choice of honeymoon destination

  • Order table and/or escort cards; place print order for programmes
  • Finalise choice of honeymoon destination
  • Taste a variety of wedding cakes and select a baker; place cake order and arrange for delivery
  • Secure reservations for rehearsal dinner and select menu

4 Months

  • Hand-address — or have a calligrapher address — wedding invitations, or print labels.
  • Write or choose your wedding vows
  • Have groom visit formal-wear shops and try on tuxedos
  • Purchase or rent groom’s wedding accessories, including tuxedo, cuff links, shoes, socks, etc.
  • Make honeymoon reservations and place all deposits

3 Months

  • Review and approve wedding announcement and printed program proofs
  • Book venue or secure reservations for post-wedding brunch
  • Discuss bachelorette party plans with your attendants
  • Plan your bridesmaids’ luncheon or dinner
  • Make appointment with stylist and/or hairdresser to discuss your wedding hairstyle
  • Take another look at your registry and update or add items
  • Create hotel information cards and maps to include with your wedding invitations

2 Months

prenuptial agreement with two red hearts

Prenuptial agreement

  • Secure a wedding-day dressing room for your bridesmaids
  • Weigh, purchase postage for and mail wedding invitations
  • Go to final gown fitting; arrange for pickup or delivery
  • Have groom’s formal-wear fitted
  • If you plan to have a prenuptial agreement, meet with your attorney to discuss it
  • Purchase gifts for all wedding-party members and your parents
  • Arrange transportation for bride and groom from the ceremony site to the reception
  • Purchase ceremony accessories (unity candle, wine glasses, etc.)

6 Weeks

  • Purchase a new camera, if needed
  • Send rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Write thank-you notes as you receive gifts
  • Confirm music selections (“playlist”) with musicians/DJ
  • Select menu for post-wedding brunch
  • Write newspaper announcement and gather photos
  • Purchase a gift for your spouse-to-be
  • Shop for wedding favors
  • Purchase honeymoon clothing, luggage and accessories
  • Go in for a practice hairstyle and make day-of-wedding hair appointment

4 Weeks

Seating arrangements

Seating arrangements

  • Confirm floral order and arrange for delivery times
  • Meet with ushers and assign duties for the ceremony and reception
  • Discuss the details of your wedding ceremony with your officiant
  • Determine the placement or distribution of programs at the ceremony venue
  • Arrange for preparation, storage and break areas for musicians/DJ at the reception venue
  • Determine seating arrangements for guests
  • If you color your hair, make appointment for a touch-up the week before your wedding
  • Go in for a dry run with a professional makeup artist and make a day-of-wedding appointment
  • Schedule an appointment for a manicure and/or pedicure the day before your wedding
  • Finalise details with wedding photographer and videographer, determining arrival times at each nuptial venue
  • Arrange for preparation/storage area for photographer and videographer at each nuptial venue
  • Sign your prenuptial agreement, if applicable
  • Finalise honeymoon plans/itinerary and confirm all travel and hotel reservations
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the airport
  • Make all necessary arrangements for care of pet(s), plants and mail while you’re away on honeymoon
  • Post announcement and photo on your wedding website
  • Arrange for table card setup at reception venue
  • Schedule pickup/return of groom’s formal-wear


3 Weeks

  • Finalise list of reception guests
  • Give the final headcount to the caterer and review details
  • Arrange for delivery and placement of wedding flowers, candles and other decorations on the day of the ceremony
  • Contact anyone who has not responded to his or her wedding invitation

1 Week

Confirm your honeymoon travel arrangements

Start packing bags for your honeymoon

Get traveler’s checks and/or a small amount of foreign cash

Pick up your wedding dress

Wedding Day!

hair and makeup

Eat a good breakfast

Attend hairstyle appointment

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready

Relax and enjoy yourself!

Post Wedding

Wedding gifts

Wedding gifts

Arrange for transport of gifts

Have family or friends mail wedding announcements

After Honeymoon

Take wedding gown and veil to a dry cleaner who specializes in gown preservation

Meet TNT Semi-finalist Anton Paolo Antenorcruz And Fellow Cabin Crew Boyfriend

Tawag Ng Tanghalan sa Showtime contender Anton Paolo Antenorcruz from Paranaque is the newest addition to the show’s list of semi-finalists. Anton has been getting a lot of attention since he first sang on the TNT stage because of his looks and his voice. This new found fame eventually unearthed news about him revealing that he was once married to Master Chef Australia contestant John Carasig in 2012. Anton has moved on and is now in a relationship with his boyfriend, a fellow cabin crew.

Anton is a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines and has been for the past three years. He joined Tawag Ng Tanghalan on Sept 19 singing a flawless rendition of “Forevermore” by Side A. He then won as daily winner and stole the title from defending champion Renato Llemit. Anton’s performance since then has earned him five wins making him a semifinalist. As of press time, Anton still holds the title making him a six-time defending champion. Four more wins and he becomes a TNT Hall of Famer.

Anton Antenorcruz boyfriend and ex-husband John Carasig

Anton’s past life has been catching up with him since he joined the hit noontime show. Apparently, this singer was once married to Master Chef Australia Season 7 contestant named John Carasig in 2012. According to PEP, Anton was just 20 years old then while John was 13 years older. The couple held a civil union in the Philippines on Dec 13, 2012.

John shared their story via the Australian Marriage Equality website. The couple held a civil union in the Philippines on Dec 13, 2012. Their marriage was captured by famous wedding videographer Jason Magbanua. Since the day they shared their video, it instantly went viral. See video below.

John is an Australian citizen while Anton was, of course, Filipino. He expressed how difficult it was for Anton to get an Australian visa then and why it was a such a challenge to prove the validity of their marriage even if it was a legal marriage. According to him, they had to show 12 months of documentation to prove that they were indeed a couple and had to wait for the authorities approval.

Unfortunately, a year after their marriage, the couple broke up. However, it wasn’t long enough before Anton and John found new love. The same PEP report says Anton is now with fellow Philippine Airline cabin crew while John with hair and makeup artist, dancer, choreographer and photographer Dave Evangelio.

Catch Anton Antenorcruz on Tawag Ng Tanghalan as he fights for his seventh win.

Released Youth: fashion portraits of ‘volunteer’ older models that show age is but a number

In their series, Released Youth, Italian photographer Ludovica Anzaldi and Korean art director Min Seon Kim capture the fashionable and quirky qualities of six older women, volunteering to pose for the camera in a Parisian park.

These spontaneous, chance encounters took place during a sunny day at Buttes Chaumont, where the pair approached these women individually, asking if they wanted to be photographed and styled by her team, which included makeup artist, YOYO; hairdresser Waka Adachi; set designer Clément Pelisson and videographer, Nadia Mob as well as assistants Thomas Vilaca and Paula Coderch Blasco.

“We experimented with the idea of playing with each different woman, styling them for clothes, makeup and hair,” explains Ludovica. “We focused on their different characters and life stories. In details, especially for women, senility is a melancholic phase of life, made sadder because of a society imposing us to always appear young.

“It is a phase of life composed of the awareness of what people can not do anymore, during which time passes slowly, too slowly, approaching the future without a destination.”

Given the opportunity to have a little fun, Ludovica and Min’s willing models embraced every moment of the random fashion shoot, “That day, they freed themselves, felt loved and desired. They told us before leaving the shoot, ‘Vous avez fait ma journée normale différente’. Which translates as – you made my normal day different.”

All the pictures were taken with a Hasselblad 500. Discover more of Ludovica Anzaldi’s work at

Written by


Finding a serene oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Sydney can sometimes feel like an impossible task. So, when Sigourney discovered a stunning coastal gem – Salt at Shoal Bay – the Beauticate team were more than happy to drive three hours up north to enjoy it. It was not only the perfect getaway to unwind, but also provided an exquisite backdrop to shoot two exciting new projects. Beauticate writer Kristina assisted on the shoot and gave her bird’s eye view of the resort – plus, a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on at a photoshoot…


Our beach house is nestled in an idyllic location overlooking Shoal Bay. Painted an immaculate white, the waterfront property exudes an immediate wow factor. But the real magic begins when we set foot inside. The ambience is a salve for the anxious soul – there’s classical music playing, and a divine scent lingers in the air. The first thing that strikes me about the house is the minimalist luxe aesthetic – the sunny abode is spacious and bright, with vivid white walls punctuated by refined rustic details.


Cool boho décor adds some neutral flair – think plush tassel rugs and wooden furnishings, along with dried plants held in ceramic and terracotta vases. An adventurous edge threads itself throughout the house in the form of timber ladders – blurring the line between the outdoors and indoors.

The windows are constructed so that only lush green foliage is visible through the frames, with all man-made development hidden from sight. Despite the understated elegance of the house, the structural design adds a traditional feel – from panelled walls to indoor fireplaces, it’s colonial sophistication at its finest.

A coastal charm aesthetic is infused throughout the four rooms, with each bedroom embellished with nautical anchors. Boho accents continue to make an appearance, from Aztec print pillows, to earthy adornments such as natural reeds, grasses, and eucalyptus branches. Sleeping is blissful in queen sized beds, complete with 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. I fall asleep almost immediately, feeling like royalty – hold my crown, please.

The team – Alice (photographer), Patrick (videographer), head down to Zenith Beach to shoot something special for Chanel. The product we’re focusing on is a silky skin tint, Les Beiges Eau de Teint, with an innovative formula: composed of 75% water, the pigment is encapsulated within micro-droplets that resemble sand particles. So it was only fitting that the stunning Pacific Ocean was chosen as the backdrop.

Zenith Beach is enchanting, with its endless horizons of turquoise water and creamy sand. Alice shoots up a storm and I peep behind her camera and find that every shot is screensaver worthy. Meanwhile, powerhouse videographer Patrick gets a playful surprise when he flies his drone across the azure blue waters: his camera captures a school of sting rays.

As night falls, I sit on the porch and notice how the moonlit sky adds a deep glimmer to the usually pale turquoise waters. The surroundings really are one of kind. The porch features lush foliage and comfortable rattan egg chairs – adding to the calm, zero-stress feel of the house.



The Salt at Shoal Bay accommodation is composed of three self-contained areas, each with their own kitchen, rooms and terrace. Today we’re shooting an exciting project for Weleda in another part of the property. This area is just as dazzling and lofty, with the ceiling to floor window providing golden, sun-drenched lighting – perfect for our shoot.

I spy Alice working her magic, photographing the dazzling interiors, and Kat touching up Sigourney’s makeup – a glowing island goddess look, I tell her. Powerhouse videographer Patrick films Sig slicing antioxidant-rich food in the glossy white kitchen. The concept? To highlight the nutritional benefits of the ingredients infused in Weleda’s products (you can find the finished result here). Then we move to shoot in the bathroom, to film Sigourney’s day and night skincare routine. The elegant marble bathroom is as sleek as it is chic. With luminous interiors, the bathroom emanates a natural candlelit glow.

Our next destination is nearby local Gary Revell’s thriving garden/farm hybrid, boasting a rainbow assortment of vibrant herbs, veggies and fruit, where Patrick films Sigourney picking organic produce. And the highlight of the shoot? Meeting a family of adorable guinea pigs Gary raises on the farm. We all clamour to stroke the fluffy animals, and even catch a glimpse of baby guinea pigs – cue the oohing and aahing.

For our last dinner, we eat on the private terrace, enjoying the beautiful evening air. Kat, the hair and make-up artist, cooks up a scrumptious storm, complete with origami napkins, set beautifully on the raw oak table. Alfresco dining was delightful, but we quickly head inside, light up the indoor fireplace and snuggle on the cosy sofa to watch Married At First Sight.

The lovely Maddie from Port Dermal drops off some gorgeous skincare offerings for us – we can’t wait to try the vegan range, as we’ve heard rave reviews.

Despite our early morning departure, Sigourney and Patrick manage to pack in some last minute filming before we bid farewell to the property. The waterfront property put our team in an instant holiday mood. As we leave, I know what the whole team is thinking: “this was wonderful, but now reality awaits.”


Story by Kristina Zhou, photography by Alice Mahran, hair and makeup by Katrina Raftery.