Meet TNT Semi-finalist Anton Paolo Antenorcruz And Fellow Cabin Crew Boyfriend

Tawag Ng Tanghalan sa Showtime contender Anton Paolo Antenorcruz from Paranaque is the newest addition to the show’s list of semi-finalists. Anton has been getting a lot of attention since he first sang on the TNT stage because of his looks and his voice. This new found fame eventually unearthed news about him revealing that he was once married to Master Chef Australia contestant John Carasig in 2012. Anton has moved on and is now in a relationship with his boyfriend, a fellow cabin crew.

Anton is a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines and has been for the past three years. He joined Tawag Ng Tanghalan on Sept 19 singing a flawless rendition of “Forevermore” by Side A. He then won as daily winner and stole the title from defending champion Renato Llemit. Anton’s performance since then has earned him five wins making him a semifinalist. As of press time, Anton still holds the title making him a six-time defending champion. Four more wins and he becomes a TNT Hall of Famer.

Anton Antenorcruz boyfriend and ex-husband John Carasig

Anton’s past life has been catching up with him since he joined the hit noontime show. Apparently, this singer was once married to Master Chef Australia Season 7 contestant named John Carasig in 2012. According to PEP, Anton was just 20 years old then while John was 13 years older. The couple held a civil union in the Philippines on Dec 13, 2012.

John shared their story via the Australian Marriage Equality website. The couple held a civil union in the Philippines on Dec 13, 2012. Their marriage was captured by famous wedding videographer Jason Magbanua. Since the day they shared their video, it instantly went viral. See video below.

John is an Australian citizen while Anton was, of course, Filipino. He expressed how difficult it was for Anton to get an Australian visa then and why it was a such a challenge to prove the validity of their marriage even if it was a legal marriage. According to him, they had to show 12 months of documentation to prove that they were indeed a couple and had to wait for the authorities approval.

Unfortunately, a year after their marriage, the couple broke up. However, it wasn’t long enough before Anton and John found new love. The same PEP report says Anton is now with fellow Philippine Airline cabin crew while John with hair and makeup artist, dancer, choreographer and photographer Dave Evangelio.

Catch Anton Antenorcruz on Tawag Ng Tanghalan as he fights for his seventh win.

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